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Maria Mayer studied at the Burg Giebichenstein Academy of Art in Halle / Saale, Germany in the textile class under Prof. Bettina Göttke Krogmann, guest courses in painting/glass class under Prof. Christine Triebsch and fashion class under Susanne Ostwald.


In her studies, she focused on experimenting with raw materials and initiated cross-class project in the university's glass department and collaborations with fashion designers.

In her laboratory, she experiments with colours and raw materials from our immediate surroundings, analyses traditional dyeing methods and applies this knowledge to her artwork. 


Projects have been funded by the Saxony-Anhalt Art Foundation, the Ministry of the Free State of Bavaria and other foundations. Project research was concretised on a professional level with FabLab Barcelona (BioLab) and Materialdesigners, Milano/Barcelona/London.


Raw materials and resources are mined and utilised far from our european home. Especially when dealing with textiles we are hardly in touch with manufacturing. In the creative process I want to get close to material and resource.

Are we aware of our close local resources?  What does it mean for social structures and environment to approach them again? 

What resources surround us in our plant world in our urban living spaces? 


In the context of the great cultural heritage of natural dyeing, I extract pigments from plants that I collect from my immediate environment. In everyday ways, I examine my surroundings and illustrate them in the medium of textiles. In this way they can be perceived in their purity. The power of resources and immediate matter is made conscious.

The independent life of materials and their stories to tell is integral part of my artistic research, such as algae, corn starch, mycelium and bacteria.

Almost alchemistic, these substances become matter.

The body of material is examined in hanging in walk installations and wall hangings.


lives and work in Dießen am Ammersee _ Munich, Germany

* Munich 

2018_2020 Birth of daughters Aurora and Amanda

since 2019 Alumni of University of Art Burg Giebichenstein Halle

Member of BBK, Professional association of visual artists, Germany



2023       Project grant BBK "Kunst für uns"/ "Art for us_Art in Public Space", Munich

2022       Scholarship The Artists and The Others & Platform Munich, Build up your professional artistic backbone,

               Summertraining for emerging artists, Munich 

2021/22  Grant of the Free State of Bavaria grant program "Young Art and New Ways"

2021       Scholarship Foundation "Stiftung Erlebnis Kunst"

2020       Grant of Foundation of Art Saxony Anhalt and Foundation "Kloster Bergeschen Stiftung"

2020       Scholarship MaDe Material-Workshop in Milan/Barcelona/London co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of The European Union

               boosting talents towards circular economies across Europe

2019       Grant ERASMUS+ FabTextiles Barcelona, Spain

2017       Residence Grant, Academie Galan, Frankreich


2022       Third Winner of international Award of Bavarian Arts and Crafts Association Munich BKV Prize 

2022       Nomination Bavarian Award for Applied Art, Munich 

2021       Shortlist Beyond Plastic Award

2021       Nominated "Newcomer" Federal Ecodesign Award, Berlin

2020       Nominated "Best FutureVision" Materialdesigners, Milano/Barcelona/London

2017       Nominated "Burg Giebichenstein Design Prize", University of Art Burg Giebichenstein Halle 


2021      MaterialDesigners - Boosting talent towards circular Economies, Booklet by Politechnico              

              Milano | Elisava Barcelona | Matter London

2021      So long, Plastic!, by BeyondPlastic ISBN 978-3-00-067649-9



2023      a.topos venice "creative room III" Navigating the city , Venice, Italy, curated by curatorial collective a.topos 


              Cultural Forum "Blaues Haus", Dießen am Ammersee, Munich, curated by Dr. Silvia Carola Dobler

              Gallery of Arts and Crafts Association Munich, curated by Dr. Monika Fahn

              Gallery of Collective "Freie Kunstanstalt", Dießen am Ammersee, Munich 

2021      Gallery feldfünf, Metropolenhaus, Berlin curated by International center of design e.V. 


              Dutch Design Week Onlinefestival, Eindhoven, Netherlands

              Isola Design District Online, Milano, Italy

              Gallery Erik Bausmann, Mainz

2019      Material x Plastic, Gallery University of Art Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, curated by Prof. Aart von Bezooijen

2018      Foundation of Art Saxony Anhalt, Halle curated by Ute Mahler

2013      Pasinger Fabrik, Munich

artist / researcher / educator

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