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/ironsulfat printing, 2022

funded by Junge Kunst und Neue Wege

150 x 200 cm

silk satin, iron sulfate, guar gum, alum, bark and leaves of plum tree

a series of reserve prints that have been transferred to the modern screen printing process. The opposite pole to the synthesization of resources is also expressed here through the use of purely plant-based raw materials. A specially developed printing paste with mineral ph-value changing additives makes a reserve printing process feasible for screen printing. The reserve printing paste penetrates the fiber in a similar way to a mordanting process and the ornament finally becomes visible in the dyeing process. In traditional craft processes, the possibility of natural color nuances is demonstrated through the printing process.


The pattern as a clear line and surface supports the dyeing process and expands the nuances of a dye during the process.

DSC_8517 Kopie.jpg
DSC_8603 Kopie.jpg
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